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viktor benes bakery westlake marina del rey
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Are there the exact same products in all Viktor Benês locations?

  • The selection of products depends sometimes of the locations. Some stores have their own products, because of some specificities. For example In our Bakery shops Westlake Village and Marina Del Rey, the French experience in traditional baking is everywhere in our products.

What kind of cakes do you offer?

  • We are offering plenty of different cakes. From the classic Chocolate cake, to the mysterious Princess cake, we are offering a huge variety of flavors and designs. We are also making Wedding cakes and Custom cakes.

What do you mean by Custom cakes?

  • You name what you want, and we will do it. The main limit to what we can do is your imagination. We’ll always have a solution.

Are all the cakes the same size?

  • No, we do have many different size for our cakes.

What kind of Wedding cakes do you offer?

  • It is mostly up to you. We are baking High single cakes, or many smaller. They are all wonderfully decorated and delicious. We suggest to make an appointment to discuss and identify your needs. As important, of course you can taste the cake before ordering it.

How much do you charge for your cakes?

  • Cakes prices really depend of the size, kind, and variety.

Do you make dessert platters?

  • We can customize platters with Cookies, Pastries, or Danish for your dinners, meeting, and parties.

Can I purchase online through your website?

  • For now, we are not able to sell online.

Is your Bakery unique?

  • We are owning and delivering the same products and services in two locations: Marina Del Rey and Westlake Village.

What kind of ingredients do you buy?

  • We select exclusively the best quality ingredients. High quality and taste is our priority, and that promise could not be respected without the best ingredients as possible.

Have your pastry chefs good references?

  • All our pastry chefs have years of experience (more than 15 years for a few of them) and a special handcraft talent. They all excel in their domain, and enjoy coming closer and closer from the perfection.

How long does it take after an order to pick up a Cake?

  • It depends of the cake but in general through 2 days.